Previous Monterey CAN'd Hashes

Sat, Oct 27, 2018 1:00 pm - #155 Halloweenie Hash!

New Monterey’ - specs tbd

Join our Halloweenie hash  - start point tbd!  Be a Zombie!

Sat, May 21, 2016 1:00 pm - Hash #134 - You letting this F&*KER HARE? also, He sells seashells

Larkin Park or 233 Monroe St, Monterey (map)

On After: Probably Duffy's

Hares: PenisPenisPenis

From his not to recent backsliding a$$, triple-P brings, P-Cubed back to the hashing world. It will be an easy going trail (since I am easy) and it will be fun, (Since I like to have fun). More details below but it will be in "Old"......Old monterey.......near the wharf.....and downtown.....thats old right? but why is the other side new then? ......I will be haring.... it'll be a good time.....Like I mentioned below......On on and bring peeps.

-El Pito de Tres



WHERE: Larking Park, Monterey or 270 Monroe St, Monterey

WHAT; A to A'. it might be like two blocks away from the start. 

WHO: Triple P, P Cubed, The Penis Penis Penis

WHERE: Will update when finalized but will be Monterey, like Monterey Monterey....Pretty sure that its old Monterey....Might trickle into new...but that will be a decision to make.....anyways.

BRING: Bring ID, cash, and you....bring friends. Brings peeps, It'll be a fun time with an city style hash.....some city style.....some shiggy.....not too much....but it'll be fun.

Sat, Apr 30, 2016 1:00 pm - Hash #133 - Gotta Have That Passover Feelin'

Seem Map Link (map)

On After: Announced at the end

Beloved Hashers, both near and's about that time again. 
Hash #133 is thus announced. 
WHEN1PM (If you want your vehicle at B, be at start by 1:10.)

WHAT; A to B. Come join Can'd HHH for a Passover Hash. Be prepared to get wet, as Moses said he would be too busy to part the seas for us. Don't worry the only religion forced on anyone will be in the circle. On-After will be at the Running Iron ON ON.

WHO: Randi Bambi and Just Barak


BRING: Bring ID, cash, shoes to get wet in, and a sacrificial Lamb to ward off the angel of death, just don't bring any of the 10 plagues or poison oak. (But seriously, some TECNU wouldn't be the worst idea).


Sat, Apr 16, 2016 1:00 pm - Hash #132 - I'm sorry about the Poison Oak

Flanagan's Pub (map)

Hares: In N Out Furburger and Cheap Seaman

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Hash #132 is thus announced. It is to commence this Saturday (16 APR) at 1PM starting from Flanagan's Pub located in the Barnyard in Carmel, CA. 

What: Under 6 miles for sure. Would we lie? Classy checks featuring bubbly beverages and Jell-O shots. As close to no Poison Oak as humanly possible. Expect some ocean views, canyon trails, and some wild life. 

Where: A-to-A; start point at Flanagan's Pub in the Barnyard in Carmel, CA. 

When: 1300 or 1PM 

Bring: Cash, ID, sunblock, SWIM WEAR (get ready to get moist), whistle, drinking vessel, and some TecNu (just in case)

Why: Because. 

Sat, Apr 9, 2016 1:00 pm - Hash #131

Location TBD

Hares: In N Out Furburger

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