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Sat, Aug 23, 2014 1:30 pm - Trail #90 Anal General Meeting (AGM)

American Legion Hall, 1110 Jefferson, Monterey, CA

Hares: Shady Curtains and No, Daddy, No!

We are erecting some new mismanager and celebrating the past year #4. 

Saturday, Aug. 23rd AGM starts at 1:30 pm (prelube 1:00) at the American Legion Hall, 1110 Jefferson. Trail by No, Daddy, No! and Shady Curtains. There will be a keg of Shock Top, amazing food (pulled pork and sides), circle and awards. Cost is $10. Bring ID and cash.

RSVP here or email fingernips at gmail. *Please do not bring alcohol to the event to prelube in parking lot. Not allowed.*

Fri, Aug 22, 2014 6:30 pm - Trail #89 Muti-Fuckta Bar Crawl

Segovia's, 650 Lighthouse

Hares: Under Mother Fucker

Start is a favorite dive. You'll need ID and cash. Trail is bar to bar and will be well marked...unless...drinking. Continues until last hasher standing. Songs will be sing, scraps of dignity irrevocably lost. There may or may not be one or more circles. Body parts may be shown or at least fall out. We are taking the run out of drunk on this one.

Sat, Aug 2, 2014 1:30 pm - Trail #88 Kilts & Skirts

Parking lot south of bend - down the road from 3401 Engineer Lane (map)

Hares: Eyeful Hands and PenisPenisPenis

Where: Parking lot down the road and south of 3401 Engineer Lane. From General Jim Moore Blvd. onto Engineer Lane the parking lot will be on your right at the bend. From Divarty the parking lot will on your left at the bend.

What: Break out your Kilts (if you got 'em) or Skirts (if kilts aren't your style). Time for legs and booty appreciation!

How: A to A. Only reason to have ID and cash is if you get lost and need a taxi. Hares are not setting through poison oak but one hare's dog did find sharp seeds on trail. May not be the best trail to bring you pooch. Prelube 1300 is BYO or mooch off other hashers.

Sat, Jul 12, 2014 1:00 pm - Trail #87 - The Hill is Alive with the Sounds of Hashing

Jack's Peak Park - parking lot (map)

Hares: Oscar 9 inch Wiener and Under Mother Fucker

When: July 12, Saturday, 1300 Prelube, 1330 Hares away (EARLY START)

Where: Jack's Peak Park, Monterey.

Who: UnderMotherFucker and Oscar9InchWeiner

*Note: We are starting earlier. 1300 prelube, Hares off 1330

Why: We haven't been back to Jack's Peak since PoisonJellyCock was named. Otherwise known in CAN'd Hashtory as "the poison oak incident". We'll be hashing under a full moon so maybe the poison oak won't be so bad.

What: Tecnu, portable oxygen tank, sunscreen, compass, whistle, a Virgin you want to make suffer.

For those of you not from the west coast, poison oak = poison ivy. You've been warned half-minds.

Sat, Jun 28, 2014 1:30 pm - Trail #86 Red, White and Boozy

Via Paraiso Park - near the picnic tables. (map)

Hares: Shady Curtains and Sounds Like Kunt

What: Begin your 4th July celebrations! Get festive. That's right, we're celebrating the 4th early this year! Wear yer best reds, whites, and blues and come celebrate 'Merruca. America, Fuck Yeah!

When: June 28, Saturday, 1330

Where: Via Paraiso Park - near the picnic tables.

How: A to A'. Dog friendly if you can get your dog over/around a fence. Bring ID and cash. Shiggy socks always a good idea (see our Haberdasher EyefulHands if you want to buy some).

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