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Sat, Jul 18, 2015 1:00 pm - Hash #115 Trail Fun in Carmel

Junipero Serra School - back west parking lot across the street from 2985 Lasuen Drive, Carmel (map)

On After: Flanagan's Pub, 3772 The Barnyard, Carmel, CA

Hares: Shady Curtains

"Average length. Can be longer if you play it right. Will take you high but never dry. Wear protection because you may get a rash." No this isn't an OKCupid listing. It's just this weeks cryptic trail notes from the hare. This weeks trail calls for shiggy socks because the poison oak is not just everywhere it is also KNEE HIGH!

Who: Shady Curtains

Where: Junipero Serra School - back (west) parking lot across the street from 2985 Lasuen Drive.

How: A to A. Bring cash and ID on trail - it's the right thing to do.  We'd love to see some new faces and grow the pack, so convince a backslider to show or  bring a virgin. If you are allergic to poison oak it is important that you at least wear shiggy/knee socks. We will have shiggy socks for sale too! 

Sat, Jul 4, 2015 12:00 pm - Hash #114 'Merica's Big Gay Birthday

Presidio Monterey Museum – Bolio gate parking lot. (map)

On After: Carbonnes, 214 Lighthouse, Monterey

Hares: 5 Finger DisCunt, Eyeful Hands and PenisPenisPenis

What: It’s ‘Merica’s Birthday! Celebrate it in ALL THE COLORS!  Sure you can stick with the RWB-scheme. But you can also show your pride for equality in our nation and be the rainbow! This is hashing. Show for the beer. Stay for the weird.  

When: July 4th 1200. Hares away @1230. NOTE EARLIER TIME

Who: EyefulHands, 5FingerDiscunt, and PenisPenisPenis

Where: Presidio Monterey Museum – Bolio gate parking lot.

How: A to A’. Bring cash and ID. Turkey/eagle. Even our urban shiggy is invaded with poison oak – so shiggy socks are a good precaution. Bring a backslider, a virgin or two, and a vessel. (You never know when we will end up on the beach.)

On After: Carbonnes, 214 Lighthouse Ave, Monterey, CA

Sat, Jun 20, 2015 1:00 pm - Hash #113 Summer Solstice Prelube

Monterey Municipal Beach

On After: Britannia Arms, 444 Alvarado Street

Hares: LIttleSisterFister and Repeat Offender, Eh

What: It's almost officially summer. Let's kick off a celebration of lots of light and drink some beers. Do we really need an excuse? Celebrate not being a Dad!

When: June 20th 1300. Hares away @1330.

Who: Repeat Offender, Eh and LittleSisterFister

Where: Municipal Beach next to Monterey Municipal Wharf 2 (by London Bridges Pub)

How: A to A. No theme unless you feel so moved to dress up. Bring a drinking vessel (no glass on beach), a virgin, cash and ID. Bring warm clothes for circle 'cause even summer here can be breezy.

On After: Britannia Arms, 444 Alvarado St, Monterey

Sat, Jun 6, 2015 1:00 pm - Hash #112 Breaking Bad in Seaside

Laguna Grande Regional Park, Seaside - on the other side of the play ground and red church (map)

On After: Post No Bills, 600 Ortiz Ave, Sand City, CA 93955

Hares: Finger Nips, RedDressBaller and HanzInPantz

What: We each morn the loss of a TV show in different ways. For these hares the loss of Breaking Bad has been difficult. Help us recreate some memorable moments to ease our suffering. Specialty drinks at the start and some fine Heisenberg Blue. 

When: June 6th 1300. Hares away @1330.

Who: Just "Yeah bitch, magnets." Roge, Just "Say My Name" Alexandra and Finger "I am the one who knocks" Nips

Where: Laguna Grande Regional Park, Seaside, CA - eastern side, on the other side of the play ground and red church, has a sign that reads Eucalyptus Park.

How: A to A. Wear hazmat gear, safety glasses, gas masks and lab coats, or favorite character's get up. How many Walter White's tighty whities will we see? Bring a virgin, cash and ID. Bring warm clothes for circle - 'cause whining bitches will be dealt with.

On After: Post No Bills, 600 Ortiz Ave, Sand City, CA

Sat, May 23, 2015 1:00 pm - Hash #111 Shiggy Salute to Memorial Day

Veterans Memorial Park - Veterans Dr. just past Via Del Ray (map)

Hares: RipVanDrunkel, Stumbledore, Little Gay Bench the Third, Homoskimo and AhhhtoBahngerStander

What: It takes takes a village to make a trail this shiggy! Get ready for shiggy that will make you red with exertion, white with pain, and ready to bleu. 

Why: Memorial Day and nothing says "duty" like a shitty, shiggy, trail.

How: A to B. (Translation for newbies: you start in one place and end in another place far, far, far, from where you started). There will be a "B-Van". (Translation: If you need things at the end of a hash, like a dry shirt/shoes/undies, then put it in a bag that closes. The bag will be put in a vehicle and magically appear at the "B" location.) There will be transportation back to A. Hares say shiggy socks are a good choice if you aren't immune to poison oak. Pull out your red, white, and blue so it is easier to find you and oh so very festive for the EMT's. Remember to bring cash and ID (EMT's require ID and like to be tipped.) Bring a virgin to sacrifice. Did I mention there'd be shiggy? Hares say there is a walkers trail - but hares lie too. There will be beer - and that's no lie!

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