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Sat, Jan 10, 2015 11:00 am - Hash #100 Rollover With Us, Baby!

Del Monte Beach, Monterey (map)

On After: Pub Crawl through Monterey

Hares: Shady Curtains and Sounds Like Kunt

What: Cum and celebrate the hash odometer turn to triple digits! There will be trail, beer, beach, pulled pork and fixin's by UMF, circle shenanigans, and beer. All this and possibly more for $20. Please note the start time of 1100.

Where: Del Monte Beach (off the stairs from Surf Way). Parking can be tricky as street parking right next to beach is limited. Plan on cuming a bit early (not the first time, eh?), park in the neighborhood or figure out a car pool. We will have a vehicle near start where you can leave your after trail necessities.

Who: Sounds Like Cunt, Shady Curtains, and possibly a guest hare.

How: A to A. Bring your whistle, a vessel, ID and cash. Ideally you will be wearing your best (worst?) hash attire: shiggy socks, outrageous cranium gear, silly clothing choices, etc. Bedazzel something and show it off! (You know we love junk checks) We're not hash babies anymore but we can act like 'em!

Following circle we will plunge right into a pub crawl. Getting overnight accomodations is recommended if you are not local. If you don't want pampering check out Hostel International - Monterey

Sat, Dec 20, 2014 1:00 pm - Trail #99 Holiday Hash for Misfits and Miscreants

Scholze Park, 280 Dickman, Monterey (map)

On After: Cannery Row Brewing Company, 95 Prescott Ave, Monterey

Hares: Finger Nips and Hostess With the Most Tits

What: Last hash of 2014 and last hash before we start triple digits! Get your holiday on with a festive tromp around Monterey. Inappropriate carols, costumes (highly encouraged), and libations. We will be forcing hash cheer on all those who encounter us. Cum all ye faithful hashers!

Who: Fingernips and Hostess With The Most Tits
Where: Scholze Park, 280 Dickman (If you don't think we picked the start location by the name alone, you don't know us!)
How: A to A' (possibly B if really rainy). ID and cash on trail. Not really dogable as this isn't Carmel where dogs go everywhere. Small children o.k. if they don't understand English.

Sat, Dec 6, 2014 1:00 pm - Trail #98 Hashing While Disney

Hoffman Park, 542 Archer Street, Monterey (map)

Hares: Just Short of Sum'in, 5 Finger DisCunt and Squirt Pop and Drop


What: Lace-up your Cinderalla-themed go-fasters and Mickey Mouse ears boys and girls…we runnin dis, let’s go. Dress as your favorite Disney character and terrify small children.
Who: 5FingerDisCunt, Just KT and Just Judy
Where: Start point is Hoffman Park. 
How: A to A. Trail is friendly to dogs, walkers, FRBs, (turkey/eagle split), drunkards, and misguided hooahs. Trail is unfriendly to whiners. You will need: Cash, ID, gropewhistle, chalk, rested livers, Family Advocacy pamphlet, and SAPI plate (optional).
This is also a farewell hash to two CAN’d icons, UrInAnus and London Bitches Going Down and for that reason, this trail will be short, flat, and easy. Semper Scrotus (Always on the ball).

Sat, Nov 22, 2014 1:00 pm - Trail #97 Hashing Surf City Style

Reservation Road, Salinas (map)

On After: English Ales Brewery, Marina

Hares: Dbased and Occasional Rapist

What: That OG dBased and the awesome Occasional Rapist are planning a shiggalicious trail to help you with your appetite and give you something to be grateful for (that you suvived) during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Where: Reservation Road midishway between where S. Davis deadends into Reservation and Hwy 68. Hit the link here or pop  N 36° 38.001 W 121° 41.885 into you geotagging decoder ring. Limited parking here. A little ways down the road toward Hwy 68 there is a wide spot roadside for more parking.

What: Fall hashing in Monterey is the best!

How: Bring cash (you know you want to buy CAN'd shwag) but don't need ID on trail - the only bar you'd find would be a mirage. CRANIUM-LAMP very important. Even with the earlier start time you may need a light to find the beer at circle. Highly recommended are shiggy socks and Tecnu. Discretionary: Jock strap, portable shower, snake bite kit and a voodoo charm that looks like dBased.

Sat, Nov 8, 2014 11:00 am - Trail #96: Hangover Hash

Lucky's Roadside Diner (map)

On After: Lucky's Roadside Diner

Hares: Sounds Like Kunt and 5 Finger DisCunt

What: Reasons to do this hash:

1) You've spent the night in your tent or someone elses. Hey, no judgement here. Assuage that pounding head and conscience with a easy-peasy hash around Marina/Seaside.

2) You like to make fun of hashers that have made questionable decisions and want to hear the details first hand. Extra hash karma credit if you bring these poor suckers homemade Bloody Marys.

How: Either have a hangover or start the basis for one on Sunday morning. A to A. Cash and ID on trail. This will be on of the few really easy trails that CAN'd lays. Really. You can trust the hares.

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