Previous Monterey CAN'd Hashes

Fri, Nov 7, 2014 6:30 pm - Trail #95 Full Moon Hash - Special Edition

Laguna Seca - Grand Prix Campground (map)

Hares: Oscar 9 inch Wiener and Eyeful Hands

Why: Hashing. At night. And camping. What else needs to be said?

How: A to A. No ID required, dog friendly but not stroller friendly, and shiggy is a strong possibility!

Cost: $12 includes keg, post-trail barbeque, and campfire shenanigans. $15 covers all that PLUS a special Hangover Hash the next morning.

What to bring: Headlamp or flashlight, whistle (mantatory...we don't want to have another Guam), vessel, compass, flares, bear spray, s'more materials, and a healthy supply of condoms.

Camping option: $18 per tent.  You can also reserve your own campsite for $30 and erect as many tents as you like.  Please prepay by Sunday, Nov. 2 to get in on the group reservation. Please prepay here.

Sat, Oct 25, 2014 1:00 pm - Trail #94 Zombie Hash

Presidio Museum, Monterey (map)

Hares: UR In Anus and London Bitches Going Down

Zombies R Cuming!!!

Who: London Bitches Going Down, UrInAnus and Mystery Hare

Why: Prelubing Monterey for Halloween. Muggles haven't been scared only shocked by our recent antics. Bring your best Zombie look or just be a snack.

How: A to A. Costume, walker and dog friendly - not so much the "crotch fruit". Bring a vessel, ID, CASH, cranium lamp and you may make it to beer check. Shiggy socks, condoms, lube, and gas mask will help you get to circle.

Sat, Oct 11, 2014 1:00 pm - Trail #93 Bloody Wanker Wank Off

Oak-Newton Park, Monterey (map)

Hares: Eyeful Hands, Adventures With Dentures and Little Dick Arnold

What: The BW is leaving the left coast for the right coast. Cum send him off in style with a shitty, shiggy trail.

How: A to A. Bring ID and Cash ('cause Hash Cash don't take credit). Bonus Hash Karma for anyone showing up in a chicken suit besides BW.

Sat, Sep 20, 2014 1:00 pm - Trail #92 Pirate Hash

Carmel Beach (map)

Hares: Sounds Like Kunt and Just Dylan

Where: Ocean Avenue, Carmel. (Before Ocean Ave. turns into Del Mar Ave. - off on the beach. Parking is easiest to find on San Antonio as Scenic parks up pretty fast.

What: Pirate Attire! Talk Like a Pirate Day Hangover Hash! There is never enough pirate! Beer and pirate! Carmel needs something new to talk about!

How: A to A'. Never a bad idea to bring ID and cash. Bring a vessel to make down-downs easier. 

Sat, Sep 6, 2014 1:00 pm - Trail #91: Redneck Hash

Little park just past 200 Glenwood Circle (map)

Hares: Oscar 9 inch Wiener, FirstToKum and Just Mike

Where: A little park just past "The Park Lane - Senior Living" on 200 Glenwood Circle.

What: Celebrating leaving Christmas lights up all year, homemade fur coats, and brother-in-laws that are uncles. Break out the mullets, sleeveless plaid shirts, beercan hats, cut-offs and camo bikinis.

How: A to A'. Bring ID and cash. Dogable but not strollerable.

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